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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Tips for buying Coach on EBAY

Now, let me just say that I don't recommend this. I was burned, which is why I created this blog. I'd rather not see anyone make the same mistake. But, if you absolutely, positively feel that you must attempt to buy genuine Coach products from EBAY sellers, I'll give you a few pointers that may prevent heartache later on. If only I had followed my own advice!

1. Read ihatefakecoachbags' 'about me' page before even looking at any bags. There is a list of apparently reputable sellers on the page. Hit them up and see what they're offering. Most of the reputable sellers, I've found, have Buy It Now listings.

2. Read the seller's feedback. If they have private feedback, even if the numbers are high, run!! If they have a great reputation, why would they want to hide their feedback? But be careful. A lot of EBAY fraudsters get new accounts every now and again to circumvent the pesky negative feedback. If they have 100% positive feedback, but have only been a member since ten days ago, watch out. Other fraudsters hijack good EBAY sellers' accounts, so the feedback is all good, but the good seller is long gone.

3. Look at the seller's other auctions. Do they, like this guy, have tons and tons of the same hard-to-find bag? This seller has been listing his "Coach" gallery totes, model 1443, over and over again, which tells me that he has an unlimited supply of them...which is just about impossible.

4. Just because the seller says they bought the bag somewhere doesn't mean the bag is authentic. A receipt can be faked or copied. I can say I bought my fake Coach at Saks, but that doesn't make it true. Just because the listing says authentic, doesn't mean it is.

5. Do some research. Look at the bag in the pictures. Try to find other instances of that model. Some of the supposed Coach bags listed on EBAY were never actually manufactured by Coach, so you're not even getting a real copy, just some cruddy old bag plastered with Cs.

6. And what about the pictures? If there is only a single photo and it looks professional, check the Coach Web site. The seller may have stolen Coach's images. If the seller is using the same image on multiple sales, how can you be sure of the bag you'll actually receive? Make sure that the bag you're looking at on the listing is actually the bag being sold.

And now, the 'No Good Knock Off of the Day.' Notice that one the back, the Cs are on their sides! Whoa! Red flag!


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